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Good evening all!


Attached is the TMSS year-end scores to date (check the attachment).


We had a FANTASTIC day today.  The temps were in the 60s, winds were less than 10mph, immense sunshine.  Hard to believe it was February.  Glad we weren't stuck inside.


Even though conditions looked fantastic, the lift was a little challenging today.  CD Reid called for 4-tens in unlim and 3-sevens in 2M, 100 pt FAI tapes.  Tens were hard to find with only 1 flyer getting all 4 of them (Ok, it was me).  I left the door open a little with an 80 pt landing, but nobody was able to run through it.  It was close for 2, 3 in Expert.  In the end, Reid had more game by a small margin over Dave.  Bill Mims and Sean Kahldahl had a good contest flying in Sportsflyer.  Bill was able to have some more hang-time and overcame Sean's landing accuracy.  The highlight of the day was Sean jettisoning his entire rudder/fin at the top of the launch (the previous launch he only jettisoned the hatch), Sean was able to get the boards out and the Marauder flew reasonably well.  It landed very nicely with no further damage.Enter content here