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It has been declared by Executive Order that Mike Matthews would be the official substitute for all CD's who are unable to perform their task, and would assume the responsibility for all CD's who show up late.
By Order of Prez Percy!

The monthly club meeting is now being held immediately after the monthly club contest. Even if you don't fly in the contest, come on out and participate in the meeting.
The monthly Executive Board Meeting is open to all club members.
Dinner is at 6PM, and the meeting is at 7PM.
It is advisable to contact a board member and verify that there will be a meeting.
If there is nothing to discuss, there might not be a meeting.
(Unless we just want to get out of the house for a while.
Which is usually the case!)

Executive Board meetings are normally the third Wednesday of the month.
However, if a board member has a conflict, the board meeting may be held on the third Tuesday or Thursday.
The meeting date, time and location will be on the web site home page.
There is no December Executive Board meeting.
The monthly contest is normally on the second Saturday of each month.
If the contest is postponed for any reason, usually weather, it will be held the following Saturday, or the next Saturday or the next Saturday until we run out of Saturdays and we have the next months contest.
Pilots meeting is normally at 9AM.
CD for the monthly contest will be assigned prior to the 9 AM pilots meeting.
All info about the monthly contest will be posted on the web site home page.
The first exception being Hardy Souls which is held on January 1st. This is where we fly regardless of the weather and then bring in the new year with black-eyed peas, dogs, brats and sometimes chili. A final toast with sparking cider to complete the day.
The second exception is the Isle of Wight County Fair. Usually held the third week end in September. We don't have access to the field the week end before the fair, the week end of the fair and the week end after the fair. The monthly contest is therefore usually the first Saturday of September. More info will be posted on the web site home page.